Frequently Asked Questions

What size band(s) do you offer?
Our ensembles are totally customizable. Our most popular band sizes are typically between Six (6) to eight (8) people – Vocalists, Bass, Drums, Guitars, Keyboards, Horn Sections. We can easily add or subtract members to any ensemble based off musical preferences and overall budget. String and jazz ensembles can be added to any sized event.
How long does the band play for?
Our typical quote is for a 5-hour event. This includes a 1 x 30-minute “mini” set and 2 x 60-90 minutes “dance sets”. Please note that we require an additional 3-4 hours window prior to the start of the event for load-in, sound check and general set-up needs (time depending on size and scope of the event). There will be speeches and other formalities, but you will find this is the perfect amount of time to have the band playing. Please know that we are always flexible to your needs. The timeline outlined above is our recommendation, but anything can be customized to your plan!
Can the band play outside?
Yes, but we do require the stage/ performance area to be completely covered and shaded. Additionally, we require a flat, hard, dry surface to play on. Also, heat can damage instruments. Please keep all these details in mind when placing your band and have a backup plan- just in case!
What size stage do I need for the band to fit?
We don’t require a stage to perform, but it is highly recommended! The stage should be approximately 8×12 feet for a 3-4-piece band, 12×16 for a 5-8-piece band, and 12×24 for a 9-14-piece band. Ask our logistics coordinator if you still have additional questions.
Do you provide the music for the entire event?
Yes! We direct the musical performances for every aspect of your wedding. Would you like classical music for your ceremony? A jazz set for your cocktail hour? You will speak to your assigned Musical Director about all of the specific details and special requests so we can achieve your vision!
What is a Musical Director?
Our Musical Directors (MD) work directly with the clients to learn about their unique tastes in music and coordinate all the details with the band. Our MDs combine your personal preferences with their years of performance experience, to deliver an unforgettable night of music for you and your guests. Your MD will guide you step-by-step through the entire musical curation process for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.
Will you MC our event?
Absolutely! Our dynamic performers will also act as the MCs for the entire event. Your guests will never miss an announcement, speech or toast. Our MCs always keep the room energy peaked and your audiences fully engaged.
Does GFA provide the audio equipment for my event?
Our services include premium sound and lighting design for your wedding. You can expect state of the art audio equipment and our experienced technicians on-site for your entire event. Our sound engineers and lighting directors have decades of experience and have worked in all types of environments. We will provide all the microphones, speakers and all other sound amplification needed for your event.
Does the band DJ during the performance breaks?
DJ service between sets is always free–we want to make sure the room is still buzzing when the band isn’t playing. If you like, you can bring your own iPod for these breaks with a specific playlist, or, if you prefer, just leave it up to us. We always bring an iPod with a selection of appropriate background music and, during dinner, the room is typically too noisy for the band to be playing, anyway–we want your guests to be able to enjoy their conversations!
Does the band play during dinner?
We offer complimentary DJ services during dinner. We find that a finely curated dinner playlist is ideal in creating anticipation for the upcoming dance party. Please let us know ahead of time if you would like a live ensemble dinner set. Please discuss specific details with your consultant.
Can I pick all the songs?
We have a massive repertoire of songs- check out our song list here! It’s important for our band to have the freedom to read the room during the performance, but our number one priority is pleasing YOU. Just let us know which artists you want to hear, and if it’s not already in our repertoire we’ll work with you to ensure that your favorite songs are included. You will provide us with a list of songs that you love and (more importantly) songs that you dislike on your planning questionnaire. We then craft the perfect set list based off of your music preferences.
Will you learn “special dance” songs?
Absolutely! All special requests must be provided to the musical director no later than 30 days prior to your event. That will ensure that our band has adequate time to learn and rehearse your songs. 
What does the band wear?
You can request different styles in our online planning system depending on the formality of your event. 
Do you carry live- performance insurance?
Great Family Artists carries full liability insurance. We will provide a copy of our COI (Certificate of Insurance) to your venue upon execution of the performance agreement if requested. 
Where can the band(s) perform?
Great Family Artists bands can play anywhere in the United States and beyond! We are fortunate to have a fantastic lineup of musicians who hail from all over the globe.

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