About Us

Prepare to be amazed as we forge authentic bonds with our audiences, immersing ourselves in every event we undertake. Each couple and their guests are unique, and we specialize in crafting tailor-made experiences that perfectly match the atmosphere of YOUR occasion. Brace yourself for mind-blowing performances delivered by our exceptional musicians, whose talent will leave you breathless. Get ready, because the dance floor of your dreams is about to become a reality, and it’s coming your way!

Why GFA?

  • The Mission

    Great Family Artists is a full service talent and production agency. Our collective is comprised of the best session musicians and production staff in the business. We provide the highest tier audio/visual designs for your event and tailor each performance to our client’s specific tastes.  Crafting the ultimate musical experiences for you, drives us to work hard everyday.


  • Creativity, Consistency, & Cutting-Edge innovation

    No two events are alike. We feel fortunate to serve a diverse array of clients. Each performance is built from the ground up. Our three greatest intangibles are creativity, consistent excellence in our performances and our cutting-edge attitude. Every event is approached with a fresh perspective. Our experience, and preparedness allow us to reach the highest potential for your event. We stay on top of the latest musical trends. Art, music, technology and culture constantly evolve... as do we. With great respect to the sounds and legends before us, we approach music both classic and modern with genuine excitement, connecting all generations at your event.

  • Care & Commitment

    The commitment to help our clients realize their vision, is a paramount component of our philosophy at GFA. We work closely with our clients throughout the entire planning phases of their event. Our full time staff becomes completely at your service, from the moment we book your event. Success lies in the details. In addition to your consultant, A full time musical director/programmer is provided to assist you every step of the way. Every member of our team is here to ensure an absolutely unforgettable experience.


  • Complete Audio/Visual Packages

    All our packages include full scale sound and basic lighting design for your entire event. State of the art audio equipment combined with experienced technicians is included in all of our packages. Like our incredible musicians, our production staff boasts decades of combined experience. While not on-site with GFA, many can be found working at many of the most prestigious venues and arenas in the country (including Broadway!). Most importantly, our engineers are trained to handle any situation with a calm, discreet, professional manner.

Meet the Team